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CampfireHi everyone and welcome to Best Waterproof Lighter. The outdoors have been a passion of mine ever since I was a teenager and having grown up in a miserably large city, I rarely had the chance to get out and enjoy nature.

Being a kid in the United States Northeast with limited opportunities getting out into nature, my goal as a young man was to get out of that unbearable urban sprawl and start life as a grown man in rural America where I could enjoy the great outdoors to my heart's content without all the headaches associated with major cities. This goal was achieved when I turned 25 and now in my mid-50's, I've never looked back at the urban misery I left behind for good.

Now I'd like to give back.

I now enjoy many an outdoor outing, such as all day bike rides in the country, along with a camping trip or two.

A Little Story About My First Camping Trip

Growing up I was always a bit of an introvert that found it hard to have any real friends as the majority of my peers came from questionable backgrounds associated with the poor areas of large cities that I wanted nothing to do with, which was one my driving factors in getting out of dodge as quickly as I could. Anyhow, I was lucky to meet a kid who I had a lot in common with but the major difference between was that he was an extrovert who seemed to have this almost magical power to, for lack of a better term, attract friends and influence people.

Well, I got to know his brothers and some of his cousins a bit and decided to go on a camping trip with them over the summer of 1985, I believe it was, up in the Catskill Mountains in southeastern New York.

It was fun at first getting up there in the Greyhound and all, and we had an initial great start. However, their teenage prankish nature ended up getting the best of them and I became the target of their incessant constant pranking which I did not appreciate one iota. Looking back it I laugh at it but the introvert didn't appreciate it back then. LOL

Anyhow, long story short, we ended up on the business end of some rather violent thunderstorms, a day or so before we were due to break camp and head back to the city, while in the middle of the woods which pretty much trashed the campsite. Ouch!

No Way to Start Any Warming Fires

In hindsight, now as a grown man contemplating all the cool gadgets and devices we have available today courtesy of the internet makes me wish that at least one of us had some kind of waterproof lighter, such as the LifeStrike Pro, so that we could at least get something going to help with the post soaking chills and the like. I'm just glad that it was in the middle of the summer of 1985 so that was a major boon that helped though it was uncomfortable to say the least.

As the site grows, I'll also discuss other essentials such as tactical flashlights and other survival gear that should be a part of any outdoor enthusiast's backpack.

Much of the content that I’m going to be discussing here will be centered around having the tools that you need in outdoor situation, with the ability to obtain these outdoor essentials either free or at the best prices for the peace of mind and value that they can provide on your and your family's outdoor adventures.

The game hasn't changed and outdoor recreation tools are necessary today as they were back in 1985 or any other time period.

Emergency Preparedness Leads to Peace of Mind

It's always smart planning to have what you need in any outdoor situation, whether it's simply for recreation or emergency preparedness that may find you needing those essentials at a moment's notice.

This can lead to peace of mind in the knowledge that you'll have available the tools that you need when your particular outdoor situation calls for it.

So have a look around and check out what I've made available here to help you achieve that peace of mind.

To your wilderness adventures and then some,


Founder of Best Waterproof Lighter

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